What is Hyperscore?

Hyperscore score is obtained by combining the meaningful data stored in the system with an optimum weight.

These data include metrics that measure the trust index of the name through the weighted scoring, such as reach, engagement, positive comment rate, branded engagement rate and post sharing frequency.

How does reach/engagement estimation work?

The 1 year backward sharing of influencers registered in the system is recorded. In these shares, branded and non-branded engagement rates are weighted, the algorithm is calculated and then the estimated engagement is calculated.

How are labels and categories attached to influencers?

In the Hyperiser system, influencers can be selected through 20 different categories and 80 different labels. The Hyperiser team manually determines which labels and categories the influencers will be included in according to their areas of interest and sharing content, and the brands can easily choose the names appropriate to their goals.

CPR&CPE Calculation?

After determining the estimated reach / engagement values of influencers, the budget is calculated with the targeted CPR and CPE metrics.

In the campaign made with these metrics, the unit cost is scaled, cost can be reduced, and compared with the costs in other channels.

How does Targeted Analysis Work?

The correct influencers are determined by searching in the system with the buying target audience of the brand, the demographic data of the brand’s target audience and the campaign keywords.

How does Cross Analysis Work?

The intersection of the followers of the names in the selected Influencer list within each other is calculated with the help of a similarity score.

Demographic data and follower interests are used when calculating the score.

How does Competition Analysis Work?

We are scanning the competing brand shares of the names in the selected influencer list in 3 different periods in the past 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. Hundreds of sectors and brands are scanned within the system.