ICM Reklam San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. (hereinafter referred to as "ICM" or "Company".) provides services for the establishment of cooperation between Content Providers and / or Influencers who produce content on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc. and brands, companies and project owners that have the title of advertisers. In this context, personal data collected by ICM can be processed in accordance with the legislation, in connection with our area of activity and service objectives, and in a measured manner, can be transferred to third parties if necessary, and stored for periods in accordance with the legislation.

1. Definitions

ICM : ICM Reklam San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. is a company that operates Hyperiser application.

Customers : Brands and advertising agencies that use Hyperiser application.

HYPERISER : An application designed for customers to find Content Providers and / or Influencer contacts.

CONTENT PROVIDERS : It refers to creative people who produce, publish, advertise on social media platforms and have an active social media interaction network.

2. Legal Basis of Personal Data Collection

Personal data of the Creators and Customers are collected and processed in accordance with the provisions mainly in the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, the Personal Data Protection Law ("KVKK") No. 6698, provisions contained in other relevant legislation and the decrees of other relevant legislations.

3. Collection Methods of Personal Data and Collected Personal Data

ICM processes personal data publicly provided by Creators only for use in the Hyperiser application and for the purpose of conducting advertising or brand collaborations between Content Providers and Customers. Personal data of Content Providers in the Hyperiser application are collected from the social media accounts of the Content Providers that are open to the public and that are made public by them. Collected personal data are separated according to the potential Content Provider accounts with which the Customers want to cooperate. In this context, ICM will carry out the cooperation between the parties upon the selection of potential Content Providers by the Customers through the Hyperiser application.

In this context, ICM processes personal data made public by Content Providers, who publicly share content from their social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, TikTok etc. with more than 1,000 followers.

ICM processes the following data by collecting them from social media accounts:

  • Username and / or channel ID used by Content Providers in their social media accounts,
  • Social media accounts of Content Providers,
  • Number of followers,
  • Number of accounts followed,
  • Profile photo used by Content Providers on social media,
  • Number of contents shared,
  • Shared and public content,
  • Scripts and hashtags used in shared content,
  • The number of likes, comments, views for the shared content,

In the event that a service contract is signed between the Creator and the Customers, the personal data collected from the Customers are as follows:

  • Company title,
  • Full name of the authorized person,
  • E-mail of the authorized person,
  • Phone number of the authorized person,
  • Financial information

Information we collect automatically:

  • IP addresses,
  • Location data,
  • Cookies,
  • Browser type and version,
  • Time zone setting,
  • Operating system and platform,
  • Session record

4. Purposes of Processing Personal Data

Personal data collected within the scope of the 3rd article is processed within the scope of the services offered by the Company and its field of activity, in accordance with the law and honesty rules, in an accurate and up-to-date manner, limited to the purpose of providing and conducting advertising or brand cooperation between Content Providers and Customers, in connection with the purpose for which they are processed, in a limited and measured manner, and by means of storing for the period foreseen or required for the purpose for which they are processed.

The Company will store the personal data collected by Content Providers from their social media accounts in the Hyperiser application for 1 (one) year and will destroy them in accordance with the legislation upon the end of this period.

5. Transfer of Your Personal Data

Personal data can be shared with business partners with whom the Company cooperates in order to carry out its services and activities, customers, and domestic and foreign enterprises that we receive data storage service in the cloud, pursuant to Articles 8 and 9 of the KVKK.

Necessary technical and administrative measures are taken to prevent violations of rights during data transfer to third parties. The Company is not responsible for the violations that occur in the risk area of the third party and due to the data protection policies of third parties.

Customers using the Hyperiser application will not share the Content Provider information accessed through the application with third parties. If it is determined that Content Provider information is transferred to third parties by Customers, direct and indirect damages will be compensated by the relevant Customer(s).

6. Rights of the Relevant Persons

As a relevant person, you have the right to question whether your personal data is being processed, to request information on this subject if it has been processed, to question the purpose of your personal data and whether it has been used in accordance with its purpose, whether it has been transferred to the country or abroad, to request correction if it has been processed incompletely or incorrectly, and to demand compensation, deletion or destruction if you suffer damage due to unlawful processing of your personal data.

To exercise your rights specified herein, you can send your request via e-mail, in accordance with KVKK Article no. 13, or to the address of ICM given below, with your name and last name and your signature included, in addition to your identification number if you are a citizen of the Republic of Turkey or your nationality, passport number and/or ID, if any, if you are not a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, including your permanent location and your workplace address with the declared electronic mail address and telephone number, as well as demand issues and the necessary information and documents required for detecting your identity, in writing or in order to get general information about KVKK.

Your application will be evaluated by ICM and will be finalized free of charge within 30 (thirty) days.

Data Controller: ICM Reklam San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Address: Levent 195 Esentepe Mah. Büyükdere Cad. No:195 Kat:5 34394 Levent/ŞİŞLİ İSTABUL